Dining experience with my puppy at Hotel Indigo

Last night I got a chance to redeem an awesome door prize I won at Hotel Indigo a few weeks back. The hotel hosted their  first Yappie Hour (Happy Hour for humans and dogs), a free dinner for my puppy and I.   I was able to enjoy a nice dinner and share that experience […]

Achilles and Jack Lien at Hotel Indigo

energy efficient home

Sell Your House As Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Homes Are you interested in selling your house that has all these energy efficient features but the market doesn’t understand the value behind all energy efficient improvements you made. If you have two house that is identical in size and location – one has more energy efficient features. The more energy efficient house […]

How To Avoid Rental Scams

Tips On How To Avoid Rental Scams Rental scams are on the rise and if you aren’t careful you may be a victim. Usually there isn’t much can be done after you fall victim to the scam. I have heard many stories from REALTORS, friends, and clients about how someone they know have fallen victim […]